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Getting back to business and the 40k 8th ed!


Getting back to business and the 40k 8th ed!
Long time no see fellow gamers! With the 8th edition of Warhammer 40k at our doors, I couldn’t help but get back into my writer’s shoes and talk about where I am now in this wonderful tabletop gaming world! For the last year or so, it has been 40k and Age of Sigmar mostly. A lot of painting and a lot of games. I even participated in a team tournament at Chaosludik here in Montreal, more on that later. But first thing first, 40k 8th. A lot of spoilers from the fresh Warhammer community have been going around for a little while now. All amazing, all full of hope for 8th ed. But things couldn’t get worst than 7th cant hey? Of course not. 7th was a mess, with its invincible deathstars, the Tzeench chaos psykers and thousands of free points of summons, the Eldar low-cost, high-efficiency windriders and wraithknights, the uber-shooty Tau that you simply couldn’t reach before they shot you down and many,…

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